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District Court Trustee

Sheryl A. Bussell, Court Trustee
710 North 7th Street
Suite 520
Kansas City, KS 66101

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

The Mission of the Court Trustee walking with childOffice is to make a difference in the community by our commitment, as a team, to building strong, successful, productive families.

The Office has been providing child and spousal support enforcement, paternity establishment and support modifications services since 1980. The Court Trustee is appointed by the Administrative Judge who oversees the management of the Office. The Office is funded totally through user fees deducted from the moneys collected. By state law in K.S.A. (1997 Supp.) 23-497, the Court Trustee Office maintains a separate operations fund, and all revenue is used to pay for child support enforcement activities.

By Administrative Order, all child support orders entered after February 1, 1991 are referred to the Court Trustee office unless good cause is shown. 

State law requires that certain custodial parents MUST participate with DCF enforcement activities or with their contractors:

  1. If the custodial parent  is receiving TANF (cash assistance), daycare assistance, Medicaid, the parent must use DCF child support enforcement services.
  2. If the custodial parent is receiving food stamps or the child is covered by the CHIP medical coverage (formerly called Healthwave) then the custodial parent can choose to have either DCF contractor or the District Court Trustee.

The Court Trustee Office provides the following services: 

  1. Establishment of court orders for child support, medical support and paternity.

  2. Enforcement of child support orders:

    A. Income Withholding Orders are filed and sent to the non custodial parent’s employer to collect both current and past due child support. Federal and State laws mandate the use of Income Withholding Orders.
    B. Contempt hearings can be scheduled to bring parents before the court when payments are not kept current.

  3. Modification of support orders:

    A. Federal and State laws suggest the review of child support orders every three years (see the link that explains how to request a review of support).
    B. Kansas child support orders are calculated using the Kansas Child Support Guidelines.

The staff of the Court Trustee Office is proud of the twenty-five year tradition of service to all our customers. We each strive to provide efficient and effective enforcement of court orders because we know all of us benefit from our children receiving the support they need to grow into happy, healthy and productive adults.

You may have a child support order from a different county in Kansas, such as Johnson County, or Douglas County.  Links for the Trustee offices’ websites are found in our Resource Links.

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